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TV Shows

Quick Dress Change on America's Got Talent

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Quick Dress Change performs on Season 1 of Americas Got Talent and dazzle the audience and the judges by changing costumes multiple times in just seconds.


Scrubs - These are my Machines

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...Whose Machines?

Taken from:
Season 3 Episode 1
"My Own American Girl"

Disclaimer: This is not my work. It is the NBC networks stuff. I make no claim to own it in anyway. I just thought it was funny.


The Daily Show (Jon Stewart) shreds New York Times on its episode on Newspapers - covered by Jason Jones

Jason Jones visits the the New York Times' offices to find out why the last of a dying breed prefers aged news to real news.

Popular Quotes:

"What’s that? A landline phone? Ha! Look at me. I’m like a reporter from the 80′s"

"You guys are a walking Colonial Williamsburg"

"But your life boat is made of paper.."

"What is black and white and red (read) all over? Your balance sheets"