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Will Directory Submission Services Help to Get a WebSite into Search Engines?

You can submit to few free Directories online. It is not worth it to pay to submit your website to directories. There are some good quality directories out there like Yahoo or (if you can stand to wait years if you are unlucky) and DMOZ. A link in ONE OR TWO of these directories will probably get your site into search engines. Unfortunately, there is a LOT of low quality links you will probably stumble upon first, and these kind of links can quickly turn toxic.


5 Ways to Submit Your Website to Major Search Engines

We highly recommend manually submitting your website pages to the major search engines such as Google and Bing. The search engines have implemented manual submission as a best practice to protect themselves from extreme levels of spam. The search engines however do not give any guarantee of ranking your page because you have manually submitted it. It is a tool that to let the search engines know that we have new information to share.


How do I Submit My Website to Bing

Bing allows you to submit your URL, just like Google and Yahoo!.  Go to Bing's site submission page, type in the URL of your homepage. Bing also requires you to identify yourself as a person, not an automated program, by typing the characters that you see in the picture.



How Do I Submit My WebSite to Google?

Google's URL submit is very quick and easy.  Just go to Google's web page for URL submitting, type in your URL, type in the message that ensures Google you are an individual not a software robot and click "add URL."

You can also submit your site map to Google via their Webmaster Tools.


How Do I Check If My WebSite Is Crawled by Google and Bing?

Just type your website address in the Google or Bing search box. If Google or Bing knows about your site, it will tell you. If your website doesn’t come up as a result, you need to submit your site to Google and Bing. Another way to check if a page is in either of the search engines is to lift a piece of unique text from the page, put it in a search “in quotes”. Your page should come up.


Three Ways to Check if your Website or Domain is Blacklisted or Blocked

There are Three really good ways to check if your website is blacklisted due to excessive spam or malware links or blocked by search engines etc.

1. MX Toolbox

MxToolbox.com checks your domain with mutiple blacklisting services and lets you you if you are in good standing



Craigslist: You have exceeded the posting volume limit for this account/email.

If you are posting in Craigslist, you might have encounted the following error:


This posting is being blocked

You have exceeded the posting volume limit for this account/email.

Craigslist readers strongly prefer not to see the same posting listed multiple times.

Please help us out by not overposting your listing.



Google Adwords $75 Free Advertising Coupon

Google with it's Google Adwords service is provonding $75 free advertising coupon for new customer. Just click on the link below, enter you name, website, and email address and your coupon will be emailed to you by Google.


Best Web Safe Fonts to Choose for your Website

The fonts that are most safe to use are:

  1. Arial / Helvetica
  2. Times New Roman / Times
  3. Courier New / Courier

The fonts that are most safe to use on Windows are:

  1. Book Antiqua
  2. Tahoma
  3. Lucida Sans
  4. Lucida Console

The fonts that are most safe to use on Mac are:

  1. Geneva
  2. Lucida
  3. Monaco

Fonts that work on Windows and MacOS but not Unix+X are:


How to include Facebook like and comment plugin on your website

To include Facebook like and comment plugin on your website, you need a Facebook account and then create a Facebook app to get the API key. Please follow the steps below to include Facebook like and comment plugin on your website.