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TV Shows

Teacher's Week on Wheel of Fortune wins One Million Dollars

On Sep 17, 2014 Sarach, a teacher, wins one million dollars on Wheel of Fortune on Teacher's Week Special for the Game Show. This is by far one of the biggest wins. Sarah won the Million Dollar voucher to be place in the final puzzle if she ever gets there and she did! To her surprise, she solved the final puzzle "Loud Laughter" and the envelop from the final wheel turned out to be the million dollar envelop.



Naked and Afraid Survival Discovery Channel TV Show Real or Fake?

Not everything you see on TV is true! Naked and Afraid new Reality Survival TV Show is considered ‘Everest of survival challenges’ where contestants are stripped of even the clothes on their backs and dumped in a dangerous wilderness to fend for themselves with no help. But a woman, Kim Shelton who appeared on Discovery’s new hit series Naked and Afraid was allegedly given help without viewers being told.


TV Show Pawn Stars is FAKE! Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is Real

I actually went to the Gold and Silver Pawn shop in Las Vegas. To my surprise, Rick Harrison, The Old Man and Chumlee were not there. So, I searched online and found out that many visitors go there and the stars themselves are NEVER present. 

This is because they only show up when there is time for filming. I was there the next day and the shooting was going on and they did not let anyone in. Only people signed up to take part in the show were allowed in. I was very surprised.


Les Stroud the Survivorman is Fake! Many Clips Created to Gain Viewers!

There are many discussions and debates out there surrounding if Survivorman is fake or not. Closer inspection reveals that there is some truth to the show but many clips are faked to make the show more interesting and gain viewers.

First does Survivorman Actually Film The Show By Himself?


Mermaids Documentary by Animal Planet Fake! Shame on Animal Planet!

Animal Planet released two documentaries on mermaids: Mermaids The Body Found and Mermaids The New Evidence. Both documentaries are later described as mokumentary or docufiction. The “scientists” interviewed in the show are actors, and there’s a brief disclaimer during the end credits. This is a shame on Animal Planets. These documentaries fooled millions of viewers. Twitter conversation surrounding the show (#Mermaids) revealed that many viewers are unaware that the show isn’t real.