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Summer Olympics 2012 in London

A year from now, the world will once again experience a grandiose event that has been known to encapsulate millions, if not billions of people. The Summer Olympics 2012


Michael Phelps London Olympics 2012

Look out London, Michael Phelps is coming to the 2012 Games and he’s thinking about adding events to his repertoire.

“I am looking forward to trying some new events, some events I’ve never really had the opportunity to swim since my schedule is always so crowded,” Phelps said Sunday while taking part in the British capital’s handover celebrations.


Michael Phelps to Compete in London Olympics 2012 for USA Swimming team

Phelps will lead the lines at the USA Swimming National Championships, which starts on Tuesday, where he will be aiming to secure a spot on the US team for August's Pan Pacific Swimming championships, at the same venue in California, and the 2011 world championships in Shanghai.


London 2012 Olympics Coins go into Circulation

For the very first time in the thousand year history of Britain’s Royal Mint, coins designed by the public will go into national circulation.  Approved by the Queen herself and the Treasury, these are the new 50 pence coins specially designed to commemorate the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.  And with more than 87 million of these coins entering into national circulation in the coming year, people will have ample opportunities for collecting the entire set of designs.


Construction of Olympics Stadium in London for 2012 Olympics

Construction started on the Stadium just under three years ago in May 2008 and has been completed on time, under budget and with an exemplary safety record. More than 240 UK businesses have won contracts for the construction of the Stadium and more than 5,250 people have worked on the project during that time.

The final surface of the running track will be laid later this year by LOCOG. This is to ensure it is protected during the programme of temporary works at the venue including work for Opening and Closing Ceremonies that may need cranes and could damage the track.


Olympics 2012 London

As the world waits for the biggest sporting event on the earth to begin, the people of London are overjoyed.  Apart from allowing them to show the grandeur and rich heritage of London, the people of London jolly well know that the London 2012 Olympics is going to bring a lot of all around development for London.  The entrepreneurs and business class are bound to gain a lot as there is going to be a great demand for consumer goods and tourism in general.


London Olympics 2012 Fake Ticket Sellers and Scams

Beware of fake ticket sellers

There are a lot of scams and fake ticket sales going on for olympics 2012 to be held in London. Don't be fooled into paying for unofficial London 2012 tickets on fake or unauthorised websites. Use our ticket website checker to make sure you are applying for tickets from authorised sites.