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Enable and Disable Advance Options and Ole Automation Procedures in SQL Server 2005

-- Show Advance Options, 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled
EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced options';

-- Show Ole Automation Procedures, 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled
EXEC sp_configure 'Ole Automation Procedures';

-- Enable the Advance options if they are not already turned on
sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1;


How to create a Stored Procedure in SQL Server 2000

In order to create a stored procedure in SQL Server 2000, please follow the following steps:


How to Solve Could not Lock File Error in Microsoft Access?

This error occurs when the .ldb file is not automatically deleted when the user closes MS Access. In theory, the .ldb file should automatically get created when user connects to the database and automatically get deleted when user stops using the database.

The way to fix this problem is to delete the .ldb file. The .ldb file will be in the same folder as the database itself. If the “File in Use” error is received when trying to delete the .ldb file, use the following steps to delete the file


Add a Category

Submit a request for a category to be added to W3Courses. Please explain the path of the category, for example: Category Name: Tennis, Category Path: Articles > Sports


How to create an article approval or workflow system in Drupal?

If you want your registered users to be able to create and submitand do not want them to appear on your site without your approval, you can achieve this from drupal core out of the box. Just set the default to unpublished in the desired content type by clicking on Administer > Content Management > Content Types.

Click edit next to the conten type you would like to adminsiter, expand workflow setting and uncheck published. Whoever you give the administer nodes permission can approve them and make them published.


How to Create a Forum in Drupal

The Forum core module lets you create threaded discussion boards, called forums, on your site. This is similar to a message board system such as phpBB. Forums are very useful because they allow community members to discuss topics with one another, and the discussions are archived for future reference.

Topics, or threaded discussions, are posted to a forum. Each topic is comprised of an initial post and replies, or comments. Forum topics can have their own URLs.


How to Disable Java Automatic Update in Windows 7?

To disable the Java Automatic Update you will have to make the change with Admin Priviledges. 

Find the java control panel javacpl.exe here:

C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javacpl.exe

Then right click on javacpl.exe and then click Run as Administrator

Uncheck java update, save and then reopen it to check that the setting is sticking.


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