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How to Tell Real Boobs from Breast Implants

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Step 1: Real Boobs have a natural sag to them, they are fuller on the bottom then the top. If a breast keeps its perky roundness, there is an implant holding it up.

Step 2: Fake boobs or breast implants are very identical and look nearly perfect. Real boobs are not always perfect.

Step 3: If cleavage is rounded, and looks inflated, it's fake.

Step 4: If a skinny girl has DD breasts, they are fake, it does not happen naturally.

Step 5: If the woman moves, her breasts move with her, if she is walking fast they bounce. If she lies down, they flop to the sides. Fake ones stay still and maintain their round shape.

Step 6: Real breasts are soft, fake ones are hard. So if you are lucky enough to touch them, you will know. Otherwise resort to the first five steps.

And behave, do not get caught looking at someone's breasts.