Story Point is a unit of measure of work effort required to complete a product backlog item or any piece of work.

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Scrum and Kanban are two of the mostly common used Agile Software Development Framework.

Kanban is used to support a system where team members have specialized knowledge.

Scrum Master is responsible for managing the project and product development.

Product Owner, also known as Product Manager, represents stakeholders of the product within the company and requirements of the customer.

Product Backlog consisting of User Stories is favored over extensive documentation in Agile Software Development.

The Product Backlog is basically a list of requirements used by the scrum team to develop a product. The product backlog is usually composed by the Product Owner and then prioritized.

A User Story is a documentation process in Agile software development to capture requirements for a software from an end-user perspective.

A Sprint also known as an Iteration is a small divisible work in a grand development of a software that last anywhere from one to four weeks.


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