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Difference Between Hot, Sexy, Pretty, Cute, and Beautiful

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What does it mean to be Hot, Sexy, Pretty, Cute, or Beautiful?

Well, a hot woman is tall and has a really attractive hour glass figure. She has bigger than average breasts and slim waist.

Sexy is someone who wears sexy clothes, shows a little more skin than the others and flirts a lot to lure men.

Pretty is someone who has an attractive and symmetrical face.

Cute is someone who has one or more unique attractive feature about her such as a cute smile, the way she laughs, or even the way she speaks.

Beautiful is someone who is a really good person from inside and attractive from outside as well. Beautiful woman is down to earth, kind, easy going, friendly, and willing to help others. A women can be a combination of any of these, she can be hot and cute, or she can be sexy, pretty, and beautiful.